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Employment Opportunities

Project H.M.S. Detroit Inc. is not accepting resumes at this time. Positions will be posted as they are required.

Once construction is complete, the organization will draw its employees from sources such as Canada Employment Centers, high school and university students, sail training associations, other sailing or yachting clubs and Sea Cadets. Many of our paid positions will also come from our volunteer core.

Future Positions On Board the Ship:


The captain is responsible for the ship and all that goes on aboard: for the safety of lives and property, execution of the mission, maintenance of the vessel, management of the crew, and always acting in the organizations interest.

The Captain of the H.M.S. Detroit will be a certified Ship Master with endorsement as a Master of Square Rigged Sailing Vessels. He or she will have certification as a Captain of Home Trade 350 (CHT350) to allow for sailing anywhere in the Great Lakes.

Chief Mate

The chief mate, as executive officer, is the captain's right arm. The mate is fully capable of assuming command should the captain become disabled. The mate runs the ship and presents the captain with a going concern. The mate's job, in addition to navigational and watch-standing duties, is to attend to operational details by overseeing the crew's work and the condition of the vessel: in other words, the personnel manager and the maintenance supervisor. The chief mate is also the primary training officer, and is responsible for watch, quarter, and station bills, drill schedules, etc.

The Chief Mate will be endorsed as a First Mate for Square Rigged Sailing Vessels. The Chief Mate will have the necessary qualifications to assume command should the Captain be incapacitated.


The engineer is responsible for maintaining the modern mechanical systems; propulsion and generator engines, electrical service and battery banks, all pumps (fire, bilge, fuel transfer, sewage, and potable water), domestic plumbing systems, small boat engines, etc.


The bosun is the chief mate's right arm. The bosun is delegated by the mate to be the crew's foreman in carrying out maintenance work. The bosun is a day-man primarily to be able to keep the work moving through changes of watch although the bosun may become a watch-stander on passages where maintenance work will be subordinated to sailing needs. The bosun, acting under the direction of the mate, is also the chief rigger responsible for the condition of spars, standing and running rigging, and in fact, for all deck department equipment


There are numerous other positions, which will require physically fit, and skilled individuals. These positions are grouped under the generic term of sailor to simplify matters and because specific positions will be determined by the nature of each type of sail.

Paid positions will be offered to skilled sailors to ensure a minimum supply of crew capable of understanding and executing instructions and performing demanding tasks such as going aloft. Experienced volunteer crew will be encouraged to participate throughout the operating season. The experienced sailors (paid or volunteer) will also supervise and help ensure the safety of passengers or sail trainees.

Deck Hands

Other positions within the organization will include:

  • Dockside Staff
  • Ships Store Staff & Manager
  • Welcome Centre Staff & Manager
  • Program Coordinators
  • Volunteer Coordinators
  • Interpreters & Guides
  • Educational Staff & Director
  • Curators
  • Janitorial & Security
  • Sail Trainers
  • Administrative Staff
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