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While the U.S. squadron ultimately included the schooners Somers, Ohio, and Amelia; the gunboats Tigress, Porcupine, Ariel, and Scorpion; the single-masted sloop Trippe; and the brigs Caledonia, Niagara, and the Lawrence -- the Commandant's flagship.

In dire contrast to the American squadron, Barclay's available ships (in order of size) consisted of just Queen Charlotte, Lady Prevost, the brig General Hunter, and the converted merchant vessels Chippawa and Little Belt. Not all other vessels at Amherstburg, for one reason or another, were capable of joining Barclay's fleet. Only one new hull was under construction at the Lake Erie Naval Establishment in Amherstburg when Barclay arrived - the hull commissioned to become H.M.S. Detroit.

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