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The Gordon House, circa 1798

The Gordon House is one of two pre-1800 buildings surviving in the town of Amherstburg. The historic house was built between 1796-1798 even before the construction of Fort Malden. It was assigned to Captain William Mills, the rope-maker and militiaman in 1798.

Heavily damaged by the American occupation after the War of 1812 the house was refitted around 1817 with neo-classical detailing by the Honourable James Gordon for whom the house is named.
The historical importance of the house is closely related to the development of the town and the role played by the Detroit River. Research indicates that it was built even before the town was laid out, and was valued by a succession of owners for its strategic wharf frontage and prominence on the main street as much for its architectural elegance. The Gordon House is considered a well-preserved and prominently sited example of early architecture in the history of British settlement on the Canadian shore.

Over the past two centuries, the residents of the house have been influential with commerce on the Great Lakes and Amherstburg's fascinating history. Its history continues to unfold with the current restoration, serving as the headquarters of the H.M.S. Detroit Organization.

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