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Market Potential for the Ship

  • H.M.S. Detroit as a Tourist Attraction
  • Private & Corporate Charters
  • Sail Training
  • Marine Education
  • Dockside Tours (Educational & Pleasure)
  • Photo & Feature Film Production
  • Festivals & Tall Ship Events
  • Cultural & Historical Attraction
  • Government Use
  • South In Winter Program

Amherstburg, Ontario Canada, home port of the vessel is within a two-hour driving radius of over 8 million inhabitants, and over 500,000 registered boaters. It is estimated that Canada's Flag Ship has the potential to attract 170,000 visitors to her home-port per season. It is concluded that the ship and its services will attract a broad range of visitors including:

  • The getaway/mini vacation market
  • The business/pleasure market
  • The seniors market
  • The motor coach market
  • The adventure travel market

While tourism plays a substantial role in the H.M.S. Detroit's business operations, it is not merely a tourist attraction. The H.M.S. Detroit is a "National Symbol" within a distinct tall ship industry. This industry encompasses several different fields of operations, including:

  • H.M.S. Detroit as a Tourist Attraction

As a tourist attraction, H.M.S. Detroit will be involved in various aspects of the following:

  • Daily Lake Cruises
  • Musical Entertainment & Wine Tasting Cruises
  • 2 or 3 Day Great Lake Sailing Adventures
  • Weekend Getaway Cruises
  • Bed & Breakfast Cruises
  • Dinner Cruises
  • Fireworks / Astronomy Late Night Cruises
  • Private & Corporate Charters

The "wow-factor". You or your company can charter H.M.S. Detroit for a sailing excursion for functions such as weddings, anniversaries, retirement parties, Christmas parties, New Years Eve gala's, birthdays, a new product launch, a charity fundraising event, corporate hospitality, meetings, seminars, cocktail parties, the gift for someone who has everything! Augment your company golf tournament with a moon light murder-mystery dinner cruise or an interactive comedy production onboard -- You name it!

If you like, we will take care of your catering and entertainment requirements. Awnings on deck will be available for inclement weather conditions. You can also request costumed service providers! The whole nine yards - You name it!

If you need to entertain with imagination, try our exhilarating untraditional team building activities designed to test initiative, practical ability, leadership and team working skills in a fun and competitive atmosphere. It is an opportunity to experience an enjoyable and entertaining way to improve individual and team performance. Choose from challenges such as "walk the plank", "ready steady crook", "rocking & rolling endurance" or "high hopes, high ropes" -- You name it!

You can choose from a combination of casual strolling dinners, formal black-tie corporate sit-down dinners, or hors d'oeuvres and wine tasting buffets. Sachet lunches will be available for less formal afternoon events. H.M.S. Detroit Sponsors will receive reservation privileges. See our sponsor opportunities page, click here.

  • Sail Training

In the case of the H.M.S. Detroit and the Battle of Lake Erie, students can be lectured about the topic in a classroom, or they can experience the subject by visiting the H.M.S. Detroit. Students can see first hand where events actually occurred, participate in activities to ready a ship-of-war, and finally take part in the challenge of sailing the ship itself. In general, elementary and secondary students will be accommodated between September and November and between April and June to coincide with the school calendar years. College and university students have greater flexibility in their courses and scheduling, and thus can be accommodated throughout the operating season.

Students can choose from a classroom at sea, or a semester-long voyage of offshore discovery. Younger students can explore local waters on school field trips. Sail training, like reading, is not a subject in and of itself. It is a means to an end. A unique medium, and an extraordinary environment. Sail training is not just learning to sail, it is learning from sailing. From the ship, from the sea and perhaps most importantly, from yourself.

As is described by the American Sailing Association:

A ship at sea has been described as a microcosm of the planet. Resources are finite, waste must be managed responsibly, and success depends on one's ability to work as a team. One quickly learns that many hands lighten a load. In a similar way, so do-good shipmates -- those who are focused, considerate, and good humoured. There is no place on earth that better illuminates leadership qualities, nor marks the path so clearly toward achieving them. The rewards of a smoothly run ship are immediate, obvious, and sweetly satisfying. As sailors have said for centuries, take care of your ship and she'll take care of you.

You find yourself frequently aware of living completely in the moment, and you take great pride in accomplishing tasks and seeking new challenges for yourself.

  • Marine Education

The educational program is the heart of Project H.M.S. Detroit's mission. It is also the aspect of the business that holds the brightest prospects for expansion, development, and continued success.

Marine education is learning about aquatic environments and people's relationship to it. The educational program involves elementary, secondary, and post-secondary level students and its content greatly expands upon the participating school's curriculum and subject selection. The program revolves around the core concept that students learn more when placed directly within the topic of study and reinforced with meaningful and fun activities. Water, sediment and biological sampling provide students with tangible lessons in the marine environment as they themselves physically encounter the effect of wind and wave. Formal study aboard a ship is frequently referred to as sea education. Studies will encompass such topics as math, navigation, astronomy, history, and geography.

H.M.S. Detroit has excellent opportunities to pursue the marine education and science markets through cooperation with the Great Lakes Institute for Environmental Research at the University of Windsor.

Historic vessels, or their reproductions, function as interpretive museum exhibits, conducting voyages of outreach. Most North Americans can trace their ancestors' arrival by ship.

The lessons learned will go far beyond the subject content. Canada's Flag Ship will foster opportunities for intensive personal development -- intensive life experience in order to advance leadership and confidence development, an utter reverence for nature, a sense of time and place, an appreciation for history, and teamwork ability. She will teach you the qualities of stewardship, resourcefulness, pride, humility, bravery, strength and grace. Moreover, you will learn to sail, too.

This type of program may be done in conjunction with a corporate sponsor and may involve a reward program.

  • Dockside Tours (Educational & Pleasure)

While the feature attraction is definitely the H.M.S. Detroit, the guided tour of the ship will be prefaced by orientation at Historic Gordon House. Here the history and setting of the last desperate days of late summer of 1813 will be presented.

Groups will then journey toward the docked H.M.S. Detroit through King's Navy Yard Park. Displays about topics such as shipbuilding, rope making, and the securing of armaments will presented.

Finally, the ship itself is toured. Topics on the tour will include, details about crew requirements for a vessel like H.M.S. Detroit, including topics such as food, drink, sleep, sanitation, daily routines, entertainment, punishment, navigation, and dangers. The differences between the new H.M.S. Detroit and the original, retelling of the Battle of Lake Erie and battle conditions, and description of various parts and functions of the vessel. The tour will also briefly highlight the ship's other programs (e.g. sail training, educational programs/cruise, charters) and encourage the tour group to get involved.

  • Photo & Feature Film Production

H.M.S. Detroit will provide an excellent platform as an image backdrop for film or photography production, commercials, feature films and historical documentary's. The vessel will be able to accommodate filming locations anywhere in the WORLD. The vessel can be chartered Daily, Weekly or Monthly, depending on the vessel's mission, schedule and your companies filming needs.

For information on procuring H.M.S. Detroit for film or photo productions, please contact us at - info@hmsdetroit.org

  • Festivals & Tall Ship Events

H.M.S. Detroit is in essence a portable tourist attraction. As the H.M.S. Detroit, Canada's Flag Ship, visits other ports, she will bring the cultural, educational, and economic value of her historic significance to any port beyond Amherstburg.

Tall Ships are a proven attraction, as soon as the first tall ships appear on the horizon of any port, the crowds start to gather to see them come in. You don't have to be a Navy buff to enjoy the sight of these vessels. A close-up view of a square-rigged brig such as the H.M.S. Detroit under sail will take away the breath of the most die-hard of landlubber. These King's of the sea enhance festivals and events bringing financial rewards to the hosting port and local businesses.

U.S. Flag Ship Niagara situated at Erie Pennsylvania, and H.M.S. Detroit share a unique history unparalleled in the Tall Ship Industry. Collaboration will serve to enhance the effect of interest for both vessels operations. Imagine the H.M.S. Detroit, Canada's Flag Ship, and her American counterpart U.S. Brig Niagara at your event. Imagine our Flag Ships presenting the re-enactment of the Battle of Lake Erie at your port.

  • Cultural & Historical Attraction

The ship can at as a backdrop for historically appropriate, lively and entertaining shows. The opportunity to present the ship in this way will be available to any port hosting the H.M.S. Detroit adding additional interest in the festival or event. The key program will be a sound and light spectacular evening dramas of varying themes; the War of 1812, the building of the ship in Amherstburg and the Battle of Lake Erie. The shows will include actors on board and at dockside portraying the various crew roles, firing of the cannons and other pyrotechnic devices and sound effects.

  • Government Use

His Majesty's Ship Detroit will sail as Canada's Flag Ship, she will be Canada's Ambassador promoting international relations through citizen diplomacy. She will bring increased public awareness, greater pride, a sense of ownership.

Flag Ship's draw our attention and focus us on their missions because they are the powerful icons, symbolizing strength, pride, peace and harmony wherever they go. Those who sail know the seas to be that which connects us to foreign lands -- not a boundary which separates us.

  • South In Winter Program

The possibility of sailing to the Caribbean for the winter is a very real aspect that H.M.S. Detroit will have the ability to participate in.

Approximately four weeks would be required for a voyage to the Caribbean via the St. Lawrence Seaway and then south along the eastern seaboard.

This period takes into account the increased distance that Amherstburg is from the Atlantic Ocean. Sail training courses will be offered on both the departure and return voyages.

A possible scenario for the Detroit would be to sail to world-renowned for its crystal-clear water and 365 beaches - the Caribbean's Antigua Bay.

The island's rich nautical history, at Nelson's Dockyard in the English Harbour is an excellent fit for H.M.S. Detroit. Antigua's graceful and evocative historic district is focused on the fifteen square miles of Nelson's Dockyard National Park. Developed as a base for the British Navy in the great age of sail, the harbour served as the headquarters of the fleet of the Leeward Islands during the turbulent years of the late 18th century, and now a popular meeting place for the yachting set. Today the warehouses are filled with shops and restaurants, and the sails belong to international yachts.

H.M.S. Detroit may visit any number of ports on her journey to the Caribbean participating in festivals and events along the way. What an adventure!

Just some of the possible Ports-of-Call on route to Antiqua:

Cleveland, OH
Erie, PA
Hamilton, ON
Toronto, ON
Ogdensburg, NY
Buffalo, NY
Montreal, QU
Alexandria, VA
Boston MA
Chesapeake City, MD
Hampton, VA
Hull, MA
Lewes, DE
Martha's Vineyard, MA
Mystic, CT
Nantucket, MA
New Castle, DE
New York City, NY
Norfolk, VA
Provincetown, MA
St. Michaels, MD
Washington, DC
Wilmington, DE
Wilmington, NC
Charleston, SC
Savannah, GA
Jacksonville, FL
Palm Beach FL
Port Canaveral, FL
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Miami, FL
St. Thomas
St. John (USVI)
Puerto Rico
St. Maarten/St. Martin
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