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A Patron is a person or persons that can give the organization a visible, high-level profile by lending their name in support of the missions and objective of the organization.

A Patron is the person or persons who champion the cause of the organization.

A Patron can be a person or persons that are in a position to lend support by leveraging strategic corporate or government support through their personal associates.

No nominal amount can be attributed to the value of a loyal Patron.

If you or someone you know is in a position to consider Patronage to H.M.S. Detroit please contact us to receive a copy of the H.M.S. Detroit Master Plan. This detailed document will enable you to consider lending your name to the reconstruction of Canada's Flag Ship.

Our Current Patrons

Earl of Elgin
Mr Claude H. Allard
Mr. Albert Cavan, Q.C.
Dr. W.A.B. Douglas
Prof. Frederick C. Drake
Mr. Carl Gibb
Mr. William Gibb
Hon. Pauline McGibbon
Mr. W. Darcy McKeough
Dr. William Pheonix
Mr. Richard Rohmer, Q.C.
Mr. Gregory F. Stewart
Mr Victor Suthren
Mr. Leo Thibodeau
Hon. Eugene Whelan
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