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"It is another piece of the puzzle in the revitalization of our community. As mayor of Amherstburg, I encourage all to get involved and support this project. 'Remember' When our ship comes in, the tourists will too."
Wayne Hurst,
Mayor, Town of Amherstburg

"Our vision is to resurrect HMS Detroit as a tribute to the brave souls who settled this land, built it up, and made it what it is today. Our goal is to give HMS Detroit a permanent home in Amherstburg in the historic King's Navy Yard Park, where it can be enjoyed by visitors as a symbol to the ongoing commitment that we have to our province."
Anthony Leardi,
Deputy Mayor, Town of Amherstburg

"Our residents would benefit greatly from the cultural and educational value this historic treasure would bring."
Mayor Nancy Bates,
City of Farmington Hills, Michigan.

"The H.M.S. Detroit will play a major role in enlightening citizens and visitors of the entire Great Lakes basin to the history of the development of Canada and the United States".
Linda E. Smith,
President of Windsor Chamber of Commerce.

"In Canada today there is a growing concern that our country's history is virtually unknown, especially to our young people. The replica of the largest ship to take battle in the War of 1812 should generate much more awareness of this very important episode in our past". "The educational programming slated to be a part of the overall experience of the H.M.S. Detroit would appear to be of considerable interest and value to children & adults alike".
Mayor Ann Mulvale,
Town of Oakville.

"The project to construct this replica and to allow her to sail to visiting ports along the Great Lakes, would indeed serve as a cultural resource and a unique educational vehicle, as well as a magnificent and majestic tourist attraction for the ports of visit."
Joe Fratesi,
Chief Administrative Officer Sault Ste Marie

"The H.M.S. Detroit will be a fitting memorial to that era of history, and as an educational tool, the potential is unlimited."
Daphne Blais Rae,
Clerk-Treasurer of the Township of Pelee.

"As a long-time member of the Great Lakes Maritime History community, I cannot bring to mind a project, past or present, more worthy of funding."
Edward S. Warner,
Board Member & Secretary of the Association for Great Lakes Maritime History.

"We applaud your efforts and enthusiastically endorse this significant addition to the growing fleet of historic Great Lake vessels."
Mackie G. Westbrook,
President of the Wisconsin Marine Historical Society.

The completion of the 'Detroit' will not only enhance and complement our story of our nation's beginnings, it will provide a viable and lively attraction that will encourage more visitors to our historic town with its' many heritage sites."
Dan Laroche,
Operational Manager of Fort Malden National Historic Site.

"This region boasts 9.1 million visitors a year bringing in $805 million is direct spending with an economic impact of over $1.1 billion. The primary region of visitation is from the United States market with 7.9 million visitors. Adding a new attraction to this market would entice U.S. visitors to stay longer adding even more new dollars to our economy. We believe that Project H.M.S. Detroit would be an asset to the tourism infrastructure that exists here."
Elizabeth Hamel,
CTIS General Manager of the Windsor-Essex County-&-Pelee Island Convention &Visitors; Bureau.

"Having reviewed the mission statement, objectives, historical significance internationally, nationally, provincially, and regionally, as well economic impact province wide, I have concluded that this project endeavours to preserve our heritage, and will increase the economic viability of this area."
William Varga,
Former Mayor, Town of LaSalle.

"When completed the H.M.S. Detroit will host countless numbers of students who need to be told our history in a form of realism that will be remembered. There would be no form better than standing on her decks and imagining the glorious past."
Bruce Crozier,
Member of Provincial Parliament, Essex.

"I believe the H.M.S. Detroit project is a multi-faceted project with exceptional components; an educational entity, a tourist attraction, an employment opportunity, a generator for commercial activity, a significant piece of 'living history' of local, provincial, national and international importance. This vessel will be a readily identifiable drawing card to a traveler's destination."
Former Mayor DiBartolomeo, Town of Amherstburg

"At a time when there seems to be a renewed interest in the history of Canada and Ontario, I can think of few projects that will bring home the importance of the Ontario-Michigan border and the great events of the War of 1812".
W. Darcy McKeough.

"The City of Windsor is a warm supporter of the H.M.S. Detroit concept and project. I believe it will be a great addition to the tourism inventory of this entire area and a significant heritage and educational institution."
Michael Hurst,
Former Mayor, City of Windsor.

"The War of 1812 is a significant component of the grade 8, grade 12, and OAC history curriculum's. Project H.M.S. Detroit will make history come alive for the students. It will provide an incredible opportunity to "live" the lessons they are learning. The actual sailing of routes and use of navigational equipment from the 1800's will also provide geography students with the same hands on experience and provide a greater appreciation and study of their natural surroundings. The educational value of such a vessel, for students of all ages, can not be understated."
Susan Whelan,
Former Member of Parliament.

"The history of Canada and the United States are linked in many different ways and share many common stories. Sometimes these stories are of war and conflict, yet they celebrate the courage, bravery, and resourcefulness of people in both countries. Your effort to construct a replica of the H.M.S. Detroit would add another powerful focal point to the story of our mutual history."
Dr. David A. Armour,
Deputy Director, Mackinac Island State Park Commission.

"This project focuses not just on sailing ships in general, but also on a rarely remembered part of both Canadian and US history. To create a replica of the ship that was not only pivotal to the war, but to actually launch her from the original shipyard, is an incredible opportunity."
Laura Jacobs,
Archivist of Lake Superior Maritime Collections, Assistant Professor, Library Science at University of Wisconsin-Superior.

"By offering Educational Programming, Sail Training and Charters as well as sailing trips the H.M.S. Detroit will add another dimension to the quality of life in this area. By doing so it increase the allure of the Essex County."
Jim Glasier,
Manager Business Attraction, Windsor-Essex County Development Commission.

"The development of Project H.M.S. Detroit has been followed with great anticipation by County residents. Having such a unique attraction in our area will undoubtedly add to Essex County's burgeoning tourist trade, and provide County families with an enlightening educational experience."
Patrick O'Neil,
Mayor of Kingsville, Warden of Essex County.

"Having visited Amherstburg on several occasions, I am aware of what a rich area this is for learning about the culture and history of the region. The presence of the fort, the pristine beauty of the waterfront, the preservation of some wonderful old buildings, and the support of local resources as the Marsh Collection, provides a context which I believe would all be more appreciated by visitors if there was such a bold representation of the past as the H.M.S. Detroit to attract ever greater attention"
Rev. Frederick H. Neuschel

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